Red Velvet cake has no clear origin, but we 5 clues about its history:

1) La tarta Red Velvet o Red velvet cake, means "red velvet cake" for its soft texture like velvet.
2) Its origin dates back to the southern US pastries, and is in the Great Depression when American brand dyes Adams Extract Red Velvet Cake uses to promote their food colors.
3) However, during world war II, because rationing, confectioners again using beet juice to give the red color and add moisture to keep the velvety texture of the cake.
4) As he Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York como Ledy Eaton, in Toronto ( Canada) the authorship of the current recipe are fighting as we know it, since the years 40 of the twentieth century. So the Red Velvet cake begins not only to become famous, it becomes an exquisite post two renowned hotel chains.
5) However, the popularity of this cake shooting with his appearance in the film Steel Magnolias ( 1989) neoyorkina and pastry Magnolia Bakery ( popular thanks to the series Sex in New York) that takes the cake Red Velvet as flagship.

Red tart Velver now allergen for you

Mythical red tart flavor and exquisite color could not miss in a pastry shop with its own workshop as Brandao. further, as you know, All our desserts are made with the best guarantee, allergen and adapted so that everyone can disfutarla. A) Yes, Red Velvet cake took as inspiration for our cake "Scarlet" based on these five other tracks:
tarta red velvet
1) His name is a sort of game cinephile words, because the color Scarlet refers to the own red on this cake. On the other hand, in Brandao we are fans of Scarlet O'Hara ( "Gone With the Wind", 1939) and her green velvet dress in the legendary scene in the prison visiting Rhett Butler. Remember, Red Velvet cake is named for its velvety texture.
2) Brandao and cake Escarlata born in southern Spain, as the original cake, which also has a southern origin.
3) The Scarlet cake Brandao It is gluten and wheat, certified.
4) The Scarlet cake Brandao is no milk protein and lactose.
5) You can check your decor without nuts, if you have allergies to them.
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