If I want a wedding cake allergen!

The wedding cake without gluten, Without lactose, without PDLV without other allergens has finally left ourobrador. It is a work of art, but before I tell you how we produce, We have delved into the history of this prized delicacy.

Thewedding cake It plays a leading role in this important day for the couple since medieval times. While it fell into disuse in our country some years ago in favor of dessert buffets, He is returning with force as part of the traditions that are fulfilled on this day. InBrandao, Desserts for All We investigated the curious story of this cake that accompanies us one of the most special days of our lives.

Wedding cakes with history

You may not know but something as simple as cutting the timethe wedding cake It is steeped in history and symbolism:

  • The first wedding cakes, They were rather cakes made from flour, symbolizing prosperity and fertility was coming for the couple marriageable.
  • The Romans began to make small cakes made from flour and salt groom at the wedding and ate the rest was based on the head of the bride, and good fortune and blessings be ensured for them and their children. In addition the guests were always trying to reach small pieces of this cake to share those blessings with boyfriends
  • With the passage of time and the emergence and development of confectionery, the tradition of cutting the cake on the head of the bride is abandoned and replaced by cut jointly offering the bride and groom each other a piece of cake as a symbol of mutual commitment to provide themselves with affection and material goods to each other and the family nucleus that are starting that day. Which itself remains today, even from the time of the Roman Empire, is to share the cake with the guests to reach them the same happiness that the couple.
  • It is from SXIX when the wedding cake and the belief that it must be white as a symbol of purity is popularized, but also wealth, because the white color at that time was very difficult and expensive to get based on the use of large doses of refined sugar as thin as possible, so it was reserved for the upper classes.
  • Currently remains white and is usually a cake at least two floors, very elaborate and complicated with beautiful decorations, posed a challenge for the / the pasteler @, which will show their art and skill to achieve.

Problem at a wedding reception with allergy sufferers

What happens when we want to enjoy this tradition the day of our wedding and celiac disease, allergy milk protein, Lactose, to eggs or nuts prevents us?  Solution

Solution for all allergy sufferers enjoy your wedding

The solution is now simple because in theobrador without allergensBrandao, desserts for all design and produce wedding cakes without gluten, Without lactose, no milk protein and lactose. In addition to the above it is possible to make wedding cakes without eggs and nuts. Personalization

Customizing wedding cakes allergen

To customize your cake we painted by hand, as if it were a picture with your wedding theme colors, or we cover flower, gold or silver powder ... you bring your idea and your allergies Brandao and here we will try to fulfill these traditions with full guarantee and safety. We also offer the option of a whole dessert buffet allergen scrumptious!

The wedding cake that makes you dream

And last bridal curiosity and pastelera, I'll tell you an old tradition came to say that the maid of honor to sleep with a piece of wedding cake under the bed, He would dream of her future husband. I do not know if this happens to Brandao cakes, because guests do not leave no crumbs!

If quires try this experience, and try on the upcoming wedding wedding cake safe for people with food allergies can enjoy like everyone, Drop by our bakery and shop in the street Jose Luis de Casso, 54 Seville or callTfnos: 955 60 33 18 – 659 96 56 87.