What options do we have for a buffet allergen?

 1. Put a buffet with conventional product and seek some sweet for those people who have food allergies. In this case, these people may feel excluded, especially if children are unable to share the birthday cake or communion.
 2. Place a dessert buffet that everyone can eat, everyone to enjoy and share without noticing any difference. And there it isBrandao.

Since we began our adventure riding an exclusive workshop for sweets without allergens, Brandao I was surprised with tables of desserts for all weddings, communions and baptisms. No one has noticed the specialty of our desserts without gluten, Without lactose, no milk protein, without eggs, without nuts, sugarfree, without fructose ( the latter two special order). That is to say, all have shared the sweetest moment of your events with family and friends without anyone feeling left out.

Suggestions for a sweet buffet table or allergen Brandao:

Tarts: you can combine a large cake four kilos with the theme you want ( wedding, communion, Christening or adapted to your event) with our classic cakes kilo and a half, Carlota, Catalina, Minerva and Gilda. It is also very nice and fun to alternate these mini cakes with their version.
Semifreddo cups mango and chocolate, panacota, Keylime…question options, because we rotate seasonal flavors.
Minipastelitos assortments where they can not miss the Hemispheres raspberry and brownie bars.
Fruit tartlets, tartlets classic apple pie and cream or our flagship chocotoffee.
Cookies-reminder, which will act as a friendly and sweet reminder of your event while a sweet accompaniment for coffee.

Enjoy your buffet and desserts as allergen

Now you can have your sweet table made to measure for the whole family or corporate guests can enjoy a variety of desserts unrestricted. Call us and ask us without obligation to 955 60 33 18 – 659 96 56 87 or write us with your idea: brandao@brandao.biz

further, we'll bring, We assemble and collect. Question Prices and conditions.

Sweet mounting table for christening